Sleepwave “Whole Again” (Music Video) (2014)

Client: Epitaph Records
Project Type: Music Video
Production Company: NA
Budget: NA
Start Date: December 2014
Completion Date: December 2014
Credits: 2nd Camera Operator
Equipment/Technical Info: Panasonic Lumix GH2

After making a short and feature film with fellow indy filmmaker Stephen Mckendree, I jumped at the chance when he invited me out to help him shoot a music video with the St. Pete based Rock band Sleepwave. We had this awesome warehouse in South St. Petersburg. The whole video was shot on the Panasonic LUMIX series of cameras, Stephen using the GH3 and I was using his GH2. It was great getting to use a different camera, and I had this fantastic vintage Nikon 50mm glass on it. Stephen even let me use the GH3 to get a few shots I came up with day of and I’m honestly a bit surprised with how much of what I filmed made the final cut.