The Joel Tatangelo Band – Someone’s Talkin’ (Music Video) (2014)

The Joel Tatangelo Band – Someone’s Talkin’ from Industrial Grade Films on Vimeo.

Client: The Joel Tatangelo Band
Project Type: Music Video
Production Company: Industrial Grade Films
Budget: $500
Start Date: January 2014
Completion Date: January 2014
Credits: Jay Frank – Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Jimmy Iovino – Cinematographer, Editor
Equipment/Technical Info: Canon T2i DSLR, Canon VIXIA HV30. Edited with Adobe Premiere and After Effects CS6. Color grade settings from

I’ve been shooting photos and video of my friends in the Joel Tatangelo Band before they were the Joel Tatangelo Band. This time, we wanted to do a music video in the studio.

We originally wanted the audio to be recorded live with the video, using the exact audio take with our exact video take of each of the musicians, making one track ourselves, but that was biting off a little more than we could chew. In the end, the band recorded the song and then played along to their recording for a few takes.

What makes this video amazing is that it’s a completely different version of the song than the one that’s on the actual record.